Mineral Club of Hutt Valley and Wellington Inc

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Crystal Micromineral


Welcome . . . to the wonderful world of rocks and minerals

Have you ever stopped and picked up a rock or pebble  just because you liked the look of it?

Popped it in your pocket and taken it home to rest on the mantelpiece
for all to see?

If you have then you have already been bitten by an interesting and inexpensive hobby - you are a rockhound!

Our club offers a great environment where members can socialise and participate in the collection of minerals, crystals, gemstones and fossils.  You can also learn about the general geology of New Zealand and the art of lapidary and jewellery making.

The main aim of the club is to foster and share the interest in our hobby with like minded people.  The majority of members are non experts, so you don't have to be a professional in geology or jewellery to join our group so come along and learn more about this fascinating hobby.